SSMS 2017 Support

This week, I rolled out support for SSMS and Sql Server 2017.

Limit Operations to Current Database

A new version of SqlSmash ( was released this week with some minor enhancements and bug fixes.

SqlSmash Now Works With SSMS and SQL Server 2016

This week, I rolled out support for SSMS and Sql Server 2016.

Access Recent Tabs and Executed Queries

You can now easily access your recently opened Tabs and Executed Queries, even if you did not save the file locally.

Increase/Decrease Text Selection

The Increase Selection feature lets you increase the selected text quickly to the logical parent of the current selection.

See Related Data for Grid Results

The Show Related Data feature uses foreign key relationships to bring back data from other tables related to the one in your results grid.

Protect Your Table Data From Accidental Deletes and Updates

The Data Protection feature gives you a warning if you are running a Delete or Update statement without a Where clause.

Generate Insert Statements From Grid Results and Tables

The Generate Data Script functionality lets you generate Insert Statements for any data in your results grid.

SqlSmash V2: Faster and Better

This week I released SqlSmash v2.0. Besides the following new features, the primary focus of this update was performance improvements.

Ignore Specific Servers or Databases in SqlSmash

Earlier this week, I released SqlSmash This release has some bug-fixes and a new Options tab.

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